Monday, February 9, 2009

Throwing Rocks

I'm almost 29 years old. Is there a point at which the other half of the human inhabitants of earth start to make sense or am I just out of luck? Will I be 95 years old, being chased around a nursing home by my siser, screaming "Boys are dumb! Throw rocks at 'em"? Of course, E will be 101 when I'm 95, so perhaps our conversations will be a little less articulate than that. I just don't get men. Never have. My dad's a mystery. My brother is...erratic and impossible to pin down. If I can't understand the two who are a part of me, what chance do I have with the other men of the world?

There's one I want to understand (isn't there always). Just when I think I'm getting a grip, he shifts - slippery little sucker. Just when I start to think I'll never get him (tangibly or otherwise), he slides back in, giving me a glimpse, keeping me anxious to be a part of his life. There are things I do understand about him, but understanding the why doesn't make the reality of our distance any easier. So, I guess the question is: will he help me understand before I have to be the one to turn away?


BOSSY said...

Oh lord, Bossy has been there. Been there been there been there. With a few more been theres.

Ellen Lynn said...

DUDE. I totally forgot my comment because DUDE! Bossy commented on your blog! Holy Freakin' COW! Yeah. I'm speechless and totally jealous. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So check out the new blog I'm following. (hear It's a Small World music playing ... now)