Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life is NOT a Romantic Comedy

My life has far more dimension than a "meet cute" followed by misunderstandings, a run through the rain, and a cookie-cutter ending. I'd never get to be a leading lady on film; I'm the funny, chubby best friend type. My friends don't fit into typical Hollywood fare, either. They're as varied as their locations, ranging from proper Boston to Midwest Bible-belt to groovy Berkeley, and not one fits his respective stereotype. They love me in ways I can't comprehend, and it's in the light of their love that I know I'll never settle. When I find the male lead for the movie that is my life, he will be someone who will love the things they love about me - my laugh, my outlook, my flair - and he'll become a part of this group I call my family.

1 comment:

Ellen Lynn said...

HER respective stereotype as there are more hers in your life!