Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Last Acceptable Prejudice

I am an admitted fan of The Bachelorette. I don't watch the show for romance or dreams of happily-ever-after. I watch it for the weekly train wrecks. I yell at the television and act as if the participants can hear me. I critique their clothing, correct their grammar, and express my exasperation at their idiocy. Fun times. I drew S into the madness this season and we watched it together each week. It was our standing phone date each Monday. I feared we'd lose that time together when Jillian picked Ed (coughlyingcheatingbastardcough), but we found an even more infuriating show to watch together. It's another Mike Fleiss creation, the ludicrous More to Love. To put it kindly, I am a curvy woman, and yes, I get tired of watching pencil thin girls who claim to love McDonald's (I'm looking at you, Molly) traipse across my television screen. However, I find it insulting for the show to insinuate that only a heavy man can be attracted to a woman of size. The show further posits that Luke (our non-hunk) is representative of other heavy men. Doubtful. In the premier, the usual "name/hometown/profession" tag was displayed in each candidate's interview. However, the evil geniuses at Fox also included the contestant's weight! Why? This show claims size is an unimportant factor in finding love; anyone watching the show can see that the women are not exactly petite. This monstrosity is supposed to be a dating show, not one designed for weight loss, so is there a purpose to sharing individual weights? Oh, wait. The show is on Fox - the humiliation comes standard.

As a long-time Bachelor viewer, I know a little about the ins and outs of the show. Chris Harrison, host extraordinaire, has revealed in the past that the day of the first cocktail party, production assistants visit each of the ladies to consult on dresses and hairstyles, insuring that the women look their best for the party. On the premier of More to Love, however, women arrived in ill-fitting, unflattering dresses and had obviously styled their own hair. More than one woman had her hair pulled back in a simple elastic band rather than the perfect coifs we've come to expect from The Bachelor. What does it mean that only glamazon women make it to Harrison's inner circle, yet model Emme's is comprised of women who not only can't find love but also don't know how to wield a flat-iron?

S and I have been watching the show for several weeks now, and he says the best part of the show is listening to me scream at the television. I've watched sheltered, insecure Melissa be sent home. I wish I could adopt her, if only to figure out why she went on the show. I'm waiting anxiously for Kristian to go ape-shit on someone - it will happen - or for Tali to be revealed as a transsexual. I think Malissa is the one who's going to surprise viewers with her insanity. Right now, I'm picking Heather and Mandy for the final two, with Mandy taking the win. If you can call a proposal from douchey Luke a win, that is.


Mr. Wiseguy said...

TWN is working feverishly on getting Kristian for season 2 of The Bachelorette.

BlinkBlink said...

And we thought men would be desperate to get away from Jennifer Aniston!

Mr. Wiseguy said...

She'd bring the minister instead of the woodsman guide.