Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Television 1, BlinkBlink 0

And unfortunately, I'm not referring to my Bachelor/Bachelorette addiction. On Saturday afternoon, I decided I wanted to rearrange some of the furniture in my bedroom. I have a five drawer chest in one corner of the room, and I wanted to see what it would look like on the adjacent wall. The chest is heavy and made heavier by the 20-inch television perched atop it. I reached up to pull the tv down, bracing for the weight that would drop into the cradle of my arms. I wasn't prepared. Gravity pulled the front-heavy appliance down fast and the screen solidly struck my left cheekbone. I staggered back, face stinging, and placed the television on the floor. I continued about the business of shifting the chest of drawers 90 degrees. Eh. Not as good as I had hoped, so I centered the chest on the wall. Eh. In total, I moved the chest four times, only to return it and the television to their original positions.

My face stung, then started to ache. I texted S, saying "I dropped a television on my face." After assuring himself I was ok, he very logically inquired if it would have killed me to wait until he was available to help me. Hmm. Interesting. You mean I really don't have to do everything on my own? Huh. I'll have to think some more about this after my face stops throbbing. On Sunday, my face had started to swell and still ached. By Monday, I was in pain. I was swollen from my left eye socket to the corner of my mouth. I could no longer breathe out of my left nostril. The pressure on my eye was so intense, I could not see clearly and my face began to tingle as if parts of it had fallen asleep. Having learned my lesson (HA!) from not seeking treatment for a broken arm for five days, I decided to go to the doctor.

I was poked, prodded, and x-rayed. I didn't break my cheekbone, but I did severely irritate the nerve that runs along it. I also had to explain to three different doctors that I really am that klutzy (mom and dad really should have named me after my grandmother, Grace), and no, no one hit me in the face. Hm. Unfortunate rhyme. Moving on. I'm taking OTC meds (when I remember my face doesn't have to hurt that badly) and icing the cheekbone when the tingly-twitches get too bad. It's feeling better - at least I no longer think the pressure is going to make my eye explode.

This morning while getting ready for work, I turned the television on to check the weather. That was when I saw it. The outline of my left cheek and the side of my nose smudged on the television screen. All right, tv, you may have won the battle, but gloating is very unattractive.


Ellen Lynn said...

Waiting THREE days is not learning your lesson.

Would you hurt yourself less if I took away your socks and made you walk around barefoot FOREVER?

Ellen Lynn said...

OH Geez - I now have what I must refer to as the "muppet baby" version of T sitting on a blanket surrounding by icky grass, unable to leave her island lest her little tootsie wootsies touch the icky grassie wassie.

Definitely taking your socks and throwing them to the washer to be eaten. The dryer will be for your shoes. BWAAA HA AHA HA HA